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    • Supplier - Rudolf Sivčák - SOLLER, 029 56 Zákamenné 142, SLOVAKIA, ID: 14272407, VAT: 1020469461 Tax ID: SK 1020469461, is the e-shop operator.
    • Customer - person, user, businessman or corporate entity that signed in obligation of a contract with the supplier.
    • Goods - products or services found in the e-shop offer.
    • Electronic order - dispatched electronic form processed by the e-shop system and containing customer's information, list of goods ordered from the supplier's offer and the price for goods ordered.
    •  Customer orders goods from the supplier through the electronic order. Supplier executes orders in their turn.
    •  All received electronic orders are concerned as a bargain suggestion and they are binding.
    •  Supplier will confirm the electronic order (by e-mail or phone) which will lead to the lawful obligation between the supplier and the customer.
    •  Customer has a right to cancel the order only on the day of its issue. It is possible to cancel the orders by phone, e-mail or face-to-face. The order cancellation acceptance will be confirmed to the customer by the supplier via phone, e-mail or by speaking to our sales team.
    • In accordance with § 12 sec. 1 of Act no. 108/2000 of collection of laws regarding the customer protection in doorstep selling and mail-order selling in wording according to the after regulations, the customer has a right to withdraw from contract of sale without stating the reason within 7 days. Returned goods need to be delivered to the supplier's address in form of common or trade package through the post office or the package delivery company. We do not accept goods sent by means of cash on delivery. Returned goods must not carry the signs of usage, must not be damaged, must be complete in original condition. It is required to enclose the tax document copy, written statement of rescission of contract showing the invoice number, date of taking the goods delivery and the account number for returning the payment. Customer bears the cost of returning the goods. In case of satisfying the conditions of returning the goods, complete payment paid for the goods will be returned to the customer within 15 days. Shipping charges are not a part of the payment returned.
    •  Supplier agrees to deliver the goods to the customer as soon as possible after the electronic order acceptance.
    • In case the goods is in stock currently, the supplier will contact the customer to arrange further procedure.
    • Goods become the customer's property just after the complete payment realization.
    •  Supplier will deliver the tax document with the goods to the customer and also all the necessary documents for taking over and using the goods.
    • Supplier binds to deliver the goods to the customer for the price effective at a time of ordering the goods.
    • Customer will pay the total goods price when taking over and accepting the pre-invoice that will be sent beforehand by e-mail.
    • Guarantee period of 24 months stated by the law covers the goods marketed. Guarantee period becomes valid from the date of taking over the goods by customer.
    • Guarantee covers demonstrable production defects caused be the manufacturer and found when taking over the goods or when using it.
    •  Guarantee does not cover the defects caused by improper usage - installation and treatment carried out by customer. Guarantee also does not cover the ordinary wear and tear of goods caused by its usage.
    •  Customer will inform the supplier about the goods complaint immediately after finding the defect by e-mail or phone. Customer will send goods under complaint to the supplier's address together with brief defect description as a package through the post office or the package delivery company. Any delivery and transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.
    • Supplier will consider righteousness of a claim usually within 3 working days after the delivery of goods under complaint but latest within 30 days after beginning of the complaint procedure in reasonable cases.
    • Supplier will handle the customer's personal data according to the Act no. 428/2002 of collection of laws about personal data protection in the communication systems. Supplier agrees not to transfer the customer's information to the third side or use this information commercially in other way.
    • Supplier reserves the right to back out of the securitatis pacis in case of server attack by unknown culprit (hacker). Terms of use of personal data mentioned above do not apply in such situation only.
    • Customer accepts all the statements of "General Commercial Conditions" without restrictions by sending the electronic order in wording valid at a shipment day of this order.
    • Contractors' relationship that is not defined within these "General Commercial Conditions", underlies corresponding statements of Civil Code, Customer Protection Act, Act of Customer Protection In Doorstep Selling And Mail Order Selling and E-shopping Act.
    •  Supplier and customer agree on full acceptance of electronic form of communication by means of electronic mail and internet, as effective and binding.


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EMG SV set
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01.OH 2,5x15CR
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04.OH 2x16 CR
05.OH 3x 12 BK
06.OH 2x10 CR
07.OH 2x16 BK
08.RH 2x10 CR
09.L 51
10.PF 20 BK
MP 5
I want this model of Mike pop 5 knobs core 2t.2stk. for Bulg ..
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